Hatter Creek Earthworks - Princeton Idaho

Ponds are often constructed for their aesthetic beauty, for recreational use, to provide habitat for wildlife, to store water for irrigation and livestock watering, and to reduce erosion. Whatever the purpose, Hatter Creek Earthworks can help you design and construct a pond that fits your site and needs. Constructing a pond on your property is an investment in your land that will provide many benefits to you and the environment.


  • Pond Construction
  • Wetland Development
  • Overflow Design and Protection
  • Sealing Leaking Ponds
  • Vegetation/Cattail Removal
  • Spring Development
  • And much more

Benefits of Constructing a Pond

By John Roy – Local Land Owner, Farmer, and Conservationist

John Roy Ponds Article Pic

Over the nearly 20 years Jill and I have lived here, Dennis has built six ponds, some for pleasure, some for watering livestock, agriculture, and wildlife. Songbird populations have rebounded and over a half mile of deep gully has been restored to gentle swales. Such is the power of the humble pond. As cattails grow up with willows and poplars, insects are less dominating. Instead, the music in a spring morning of robins, thrushes, juncos, and red-wing blackbirds with their pure liquid golden tone fills the air. Sand filters and under the dam pipelines allow gravity flow irrigation of our family orchard and garden. We can feed cows on eroded hills and rebuild the soil by working in manure and bedding, and for our neighbors, the water that flows off in spring thaws is clear and clean as the thaw is filtered through ever-deepening sod and humus-rich soil. The ponds have not leaked and the rock overflows have not eroded. The three ponds that are aligned to our homestead cost less than our well and provide water year-round for irrigation and fire protection as well as fun play on a hot day. Build a pond? Definitely!